Contacting nagels

"world´s largest parking ticket manufacturer"

Operating 15 worldwide subsidiaries providing consumable supplies to the field access solutions. Having its origin within the production of parking ticket, today the group offers a wide range of related services as well.

Below you will find an overview over our subsidiaries listed according to its region. Our experts located nearest to you are more than happy to help you. If you are unsure feel free to contact our headoffice in Kempen, Germany.


nagels - operated by Pro Ticket
Rue Denis Papin
Domaine du Tourillon, BAT. C
Pole du Petit Arbois
F-13545 Aix en Provence Cedex 4
T +33 (0) 4 42 97 57 90
F +33 (0) 4 42 97 57 91

NNA Ticket Ltd
14-A Jody Avenue
Toronto, ON M3N IHI
T +1 416-744-0808
F +1 416-744-8787

Nagels North America, LLC
101 Federal Street
Suite 1900
Boston, MA 02110
T +1 866 499 5550
F +1 775 262 5629

Colleagues Nagels
24 Denninup Way
Malaga WA 6090
T +61 (0) 8 9248 1800


Nagels Iberica
C/Gregal, 3
08850 Gavà (Barcelona)

M +34 664 355 873

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If you need to visit us at our facilities in Kempen you can use the Google Maps feature to navigate from your current position to us and even send your route to your mobile device. We are looking Forward to seeing you.