Category: Mass Transit Industry

Client: Major City in Turkey



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Last year we were asked by a major Turkish mass transit operator to supply an easy ticket solution for metro and railway at the same time.

The requirement:
As many major cities in the world our project partner had strict guidelines and requirements to follow. Right after winning the tender for production and delivery of tickets for all major cities in turkey, we started the process.

The right ticket: In order to supply the best ticket solution, our experts were on the spot in turkey to visit system facilities and analyze local requirements. Several materials and technologies were tested during this phase in order to find the perfect ticket solution for the Turkish mass transit system. Our quality management department ensures 100% applicable products by testing on all aspects in regards to functionality and desired layout.

Creation of layout: The ticket layout was created by our artwork department in close cooperation to every single city council to match their individual ticket vision. As soon as the layouts were developed, a hard proof was send to authorities to give a visual example how the ticket will look like. Layouts are revised until a final agreement is made. In this case, the tickets contained a special printed QR code on the backside of the tickets (related to individual websites of the cities). Therefore a special online QR code testing has been installed in the production procedure.

Ensuring delivery: Due to no storage capabilities, Just- in- Time delivery was a necessity for our client. So we developed a supply chain that enabled us to deliver tickets within 24 hours to all city locations. To ensure that cities can order individually, we established an intermediate storage and distribution center in Istanbul in cooperation with Nagels Türkiye. To secure Just- in- Time delivery, reviews of stock quantities were continuously taken with our 360° Ticket Management system.

Production of tickets: As the pilot testing phase was successful, the layout was agreed and delivery was ensured, the basis for mass production was given. Once the proof sheet is signed, the process planning department gives the GO for mass production. Between the years of 2012 and 2013 we produced and delivered a total of 105.478.000 tickets, delivered to 12 different cities in Turkey.