Hi Andrea! Please first describe yourself and your position at nagels!

My name is Andrea Lunau and since August 1st 2018 I am working as a Sales Manager for Spain, Portugal and South America at nagels. My guiding principle is that it’s never too late to set new goals and strive to achieve them.

What do you like the most about your job?

The participation in the development of new projects, like e.g. currently in the mass transit sector in Spain. It motivates me to be working for a company that is known for its top quality all around the world. My job is very creative and challenging, because there is a constant evolvement in the sector.

What are the challenges in your daily business?

It is very important for me to live up to my client´s expectations in every way possible, introduce new ideas and to be considered a fair partner. Another requirement is to think ahead and anticipate developments.

Which products and services does nagels offer in your market?

nagels has a much broader portfolio than most people know. The Spanish speaking market is currently focusing on on- and off-street parking tickets as well as tickets for mass transit. The development towards contactless ticketing is a clear trend here and we are actively participating in various projects.

What do you value most about the company/products?

About the products clearly the quality that is confirmed by our many OEM certifications.
About the company the humanity that is not a given nowadays. You can feel that the essence of being a family business is still lived within the company. Short ways between all of our departments in order to find solutions for new requirements. Additionally, the way that we approach new projects. The formation of working groups, consisting of the respective experts, advance the objects quickly. International strategic meetings promote team spirit and let us creatively identify new trends.

If you look into the future, what could your sales area and clients expect from you in the next few years and which goals do you personally want to achieve with nagels in the future?

Our presence on the Iberian Peninsula in the park area is firm. nagels invests in innovative systems in order to be a serious partner in public transport. In the medium term, I see ourselves – in addition to parking – as a strong partner in the RFID field of mass transit in Spain. Personally, I would also like to strengthen our presence in the leisure sector. Southern and Middle America has great potential for nagels, which I want to tap into in the future.

Now let us talk about some personal preferences. Mountains or sea?


Summer or winter?


Sweet or salted popcorn?

Sweet at the bottom, salted on top.

What would you do if you had no electricity for three days?

Lots of sports, preferably on the water. Candle light Dinner with a glass of red wine and good conversations.