Please first describe yourself and your position at nagels!

Hi, I am Bill Scheibeler and I work as a nagels Sales Manager for the West Coast US. I have been in the Parking Industry for several years. I am from Omaha, Nebraska. I live in Palm Springs, CA. My drive and passion is meeting people and building relationships!

What do you like the most about your job?

I am a relationship guy, I love meeting our industry people! In learning this ticket business, I like the support from the nagels team with many years of knowledge in this business.

What are the challenges in your daily business?

The Ticket print industry is more complicated than I ever realized so I am learning something new every day.

Which products and services does nagels offer in your market?

State-of-the-art ticketing solutions for the parking & mass transit industry. From barcode tickets over plastic cards to RFID products.

What do you value most about the company/products?

nagels is family. As far as the products go, I look at our vastly changing industry as I was taught growing up playing sports. Don’t forget the fundamentals of the game! In an industry going ticketless, the tickets are still widely used and the quality of tickets nagels provides becomes more valuable. As we work at staying relevant and become more efficient in our game, we continue providing “best in class” people, products and services!

If you look into the future, what could your sales area and clients expect from you in the next few years and which goals do you personally want to achieve with nagels in the future?

My goal is to get to know everyone. Work strategically where there is opportunity, not only in the time of immediate need but being proactive in your business needs, creating cost saving opportunities and be known as the trusted partner you can count on.

If you had no electricity for three days, what would you do?

It is 110 degrees here in Palm Springs right now so I would head somewhere in the area that is cooler with electricity like Big Bear or to LA or San Diego beach towns. Being remote, I can work from there as well.

Now let us talk about some personal preferences. Mountains or sea?

I live in the mountains in Palm Springs, CA. But my answer is the sea.

Football or Baseball?

American Football. My heart beats for the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Sweet or salted popcorn?

I love my salt!