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One of our fastest growing markets is the Leisure Industry, for which we supply a host of innovative services. Active in the branches of recreation, entertainment, sports and tourism, nagels offers a ticketing product to meet any requirements, budget and deadline.
With the objective to deliver the perfect solution in timely fashion, we work in close relationship with the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and system integrators. This guarantees uncompromised quality and performance, in turn leading to optimum reliability, security and quality. With leisure customers around the world, we’re experts at developing our services to suit any environment.

Entry Ticket

Our ticket customers

nagels manufactures more than 1,000 different ticket types for a wide range of industries. Whatever you need, from a standard option to an entirely bespoke design, we’ll provide the perfect solution. Here are a few of the major markets for our tickets:

Theatres and Cinemas

We provide colourful high-end entry tickets with various security features, such as holograms, sequence numbering or stamps.


Put your exhibition in the frame and create the anticipation it deserves through a range of advertising solutions on your tickets.


Tailored solutions are available for season cards, bonus cards and entry tickets, complete with individualised design and functionality.


A smooth admittance is both, in the interest of organizers as well as visitors. The quality and diversity of our tickets guarantee functionality and counterfeit
protection at any time and under almost all conditions.

Sports and leisure

Sports facilities and stadiums often require single entry tickets (paper), season tickets (PVC) and employee ID cards. With our ability to use all possible materials, we have the perfect ticket solution for every application.

Theme parks

We provide multiple solutions for theme parks. No matter what your requirements, from standard tickets to RFID wristbands, we have an entry and access solution to suit them.

Ski resorts

Our leisure solutions for ski resorts are designed to be highly durable. As well as functioning in cold weather, they’re also water-resistant and protected against high-impact falls.

Special events

Create awareness long before the actual event with beautifully designed, high quality entry tickets. Take advantage of our expertise and combine various features to make your event extra special. Whether festivals, fairs or parties, we supply a tailored solution for secure access control and visitor documentation.

RFID & Events

Event tickets & Admission tickets

Cinema, Theatre or Sport – tickets are needed everywhere there is paid entry, and particularly at big name venues, such as Sporting events, Exhibitions and Concerts, they facilitate visitor/ audience management and control. This also applies to leisure parks and stadia – here it’s also hard to imagine life without high-quality admission tickets.

Our RFID Event Tickets can be produced as individual, leporello or roll tickets. We can accurately colour match corporate company colours and can print up to eight colours in any combination. Special die cutting, perforation, numbering and encoding are all possible.

The material combinations range from normal cardboard, thermal cardboard and special foils through to tickets with ‘buffer materials’ that hide the chip. As in the public transport sector, HF chips are once again used. Common RFID chips include Mifare Ultralight®, Mifare Ultralight C® and Mifare 1K with a frequency of 13.56 MHz.

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Case Study

Leisure tickets from nagels

How nagels supports a German Football Club with intelligent tickets

With nagels having a high affinity to football, it is an honour for us to supply football clubs with tickets and access media. As an international operating company and expert for access and identification solutions within the leisure industry, we supply and support numerous football clubs worldwide.
This case study is about one of our German Bundesliga clients. At the beginning of 2015, we were asked to supply all access and identification media for the stadium, including single entry tickets, season tickets and ID cards for employees.

Many stadiums around the world use 1D barcode technology (2/5 interleaved barcode) for identification and documentation of visitors, and to allow access at ticket control points.  Since the entry ticket itself does not contain a monetary value, fraud prevention was only a minor requirement and limited to visible protection.

Many stadiums around the world use 1D barcode technology (2/5 interleaved barcode) for identification and documentation of visitors, and to allow access at ticket control points.  Since the entry ticket itself does not contain a monetary value, fraud prevention was only a minor requirement and limited to visible protection.

To make a football game as enjoyable for the fans as possible, the ticket material needed to be “football proof”.  Real fans celebrate their team with passion, meaning that it can get rough at times. In other words, tickets should be resistant to external influences like liquids, crumpling and staining. Indeed, season tickets need to be even more durable than single entry tickets, as they must last for a whole football season while still working flawlessly.

  1. For single tickets we advised the club to use thermal paper with a special water-resistant varnish. This feature would guarantee protection against water and staining. The use of double-folded paper made the ticket more durable and robust to rough handling while keeping the barcode readable.
  2.                 For season cards, we advised the club to use durable PVC cards. Our PVC material ensures a long-lasting barcode imprint that works for the whole season and beyond.  Fraud protection for both media was assured by a visible hologram (football club’s logo) and special security colours.

PVC identification cards were personalised with a dynamic QR barcoding. This enables the reader to identify employees, give access to areas with specific clearance only, and track working hours.

In addition to our provided access media solutions, we supplied parking tickets in accordance to OEMs specifications with the logo and design of the football club.

All layouts were created through our artwork department in close cooperation with the club management to ensure each design was in line with the corporate design regulations of the club. As soon as layouts are developed, a hard proof is sent to give a visual example.

We are proud to say that for the last couple of years, our tickets accompanied thousands of visitors per game. We look forward to working closely together with German Bundesliga for many more seasons.



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