Dual-Interface chip-cards or smartcards

Smartcards have a special two-way solution so that the stored data can be accessed via a contact based chip or a wireless RF-Antenna. Therefore, smartcards offer two interfaces for transmitting data but have just one chip. This is the difference between smartcards and hybrid cards which can have different interfaces and chips.

This solution is useful for when companies switch from a contact based system to a new wireless system which hasn’t been introduced to all areas. This is similar to the Hybrid Cards which offer a good solution when transitioning to new systems.

Additional application areas of smartcards are cashless payment methods like bank- or credit cards where you can pay with the contact based chip or by placing the card on the device.

Smartcards by nagels


Payment cards

Membership cards

Access control

Entrance cards

  • ISO 7810 conformity
  • They can be customised or left plain
  • Magnetic stripe
  • Barcode (1D / 2D)
  • RFID (HF, LF /NF, UHF)
  • Contact chip



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