We can offer you a range of RFID-Tags to suit your needs. Key fobs are a popular product as they are versatile, can be programmed to suit your requirements and can be made out of a variety of materials. We are able to supply RFID tags that are made from various materials in ranging strength from toughened paper-based materials through to combinations of paper and polyester for increased durability and through to full plastic encapsulated products designed for use in challenging industrial and agricultural environments.

RFID Key Tags


RFID-Tags are being used for a broad spectrum of applications and markets:


Key tags for distribution-, administration- and storagesystems and for anti-theft-systems.

Verifying and Recording

Key tags for access control, time recording or as a membership card.


Luggage tags for sorting installations at airports.


RFID-Tags for livestock, for example automatic feeding, marking and motion tracking.


◾  Individual design and printing



◾ Paper

◾ Polyester

◾ All-Plastic

◾ Composite Material



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